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Outperform The S&P 500

Two monthly blue chip stock picks from our AI quantitative trading models that save you countless hours of research, and generate >30% annualized return.

Comparing $10,000 invested into SPY S&P 500 ETF on January 1st 2022 and our monthly recommendations sold after 1 year.

How Does It Work?

At Stocked our team picks stocks with zero subjectivity or emotion. Instead we rely on a combination of AI quantitative trading models. 

These models are trained on terabytes of data. Meticulously finetuned to optimize results, and are constantly running to analyze new data.

Our methodology is based on peer reviewed research papers and expounded to attain even better outcomes.  

Is Stocked Right For Me?

Stocked is designed for buy and hold investors who are looking to significantly grow their portfolio over long periods of time.

Stocked does not require frequent trading.

Stocked is not focused on dividends.

Stocked is not for single sector investors, although it may focus on specific sectors for periods of time. This is because the best opportunities rotate between sectors.

How Do We Get Results?

We analyze every stock in the S&P 500 with our AI quantitative trading models. We then use another model to weight the attributes and select two stocks per month.

We expect some picks to massively out perform the market and some to under perform. Stocked should be evaluated on the performance of the entire portfolio.

We aim to significantly outperform that market and have done that in all back-testing so far.

What's The Product?

When you subscribe to Stocked Picks you get access to the monthly picks generated by our AI quantitative trading models, as well as a list of all the stocks we’re currently holding in our portfolio (so our last 24 picks).

All of the information is delivered by email. An email with our past picks when you first subscribe. And then monthly emails at the end of each month with our picks for the next month.

What Is Your Strategy?

We keep our strategy excessively simple. Our model recommends two stocks per month, we buy these stocks when they’re recommended and sell 12 months later no matter what.

Our portfolio is evenly weighted across all of the stocks we own.

As you invest you may decide to sell our recommendations before 12 months or to hold longer. You may see better returns in doing so, or may not. 

What About Live Data?

First off, we believe as helpful as backtesting is there is no substitute for live trading data. That’s why we’re starting our Stocked Portfolio immediately using the exact same strategy used in backtesting.

However as this is completely new, at this moment all we have to go off of is backtesting.

We take pains to avoid many of the common issues in backtesting such as: Survivorship Bias, Restatement Bias, and Split Bias.

Past performance is no guarantee of future results – any investment carries a potential for loss. Stocked Picks does not take account of your objectives or your financial situation and Stocked does not offer any personalized investment advice. Stocked is not a licensed securities dealer, broker or US investment adviser or investment bank.

Investing Can Be Simple. Use Stocked.

Stocked Picks


Complete list of Stocked Picks current portfolio.

Two stock recommendations at the end of each month.

All content delivered by email.

Every recommendation made by our AI quantitative trading models.


per month


Complete list of Stocked Picks current portfolio.

Two stock recommendations at the end of each month.

All content delivered by email.

Every recommendation made by our AI quantitative trading models.


per year

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Intrigued But Not Convinced?

We get it. We also want to see how it performs in live trading, extended backtesting, and how our models improve with more data and testing. Join this free email list and once a month we will send a summary email with the details. No spam, literally one email a month. Or contact us with any questions!

In it will be:

  1. The past months results in live trading.
  2. Another two years of backtesting.
  3. And maybe a few notes on how our models have improved.

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