Stocked Picks Performance 4/8/2024

Stocked Picks Performance 4/8/2024

Stocked Picks Live Performance

We recently went live with our new product Stocked Picks, a monthly investing news letter that sends two stock recommendations. We had very strong performance in back-testing generating 30.05% average annual return off of the simple strategy of buying our two picks every month then selling after one year. But the question remained how will our picks perform in real-time.

Since we’ve gone live we’ve made two rounds of predictions, the first at the end of February, the second at the end of March. Here’s how those picks have performed since:

  1. February Stock 1: -1.63%

  2. February Stock 2: +16.54%

  3. March Stock 1: +6.81%

  4. March Stock 2: -1.41%

Considering we’re going to be holding these picks for another almost 11 and 12 months respectively we are pleased with the start. And we’re excited for the future as we add more and more picks!

Total Performance

Combined back-testing and live data recently, our portfolio is up 77.41% since the start of 2022, compared to the S&P 500 which is up 9.49%.

If you want to save time, and discover high potential stocks subscribe to Stocked Picks today!

Stocked AI uses artificial intelligence to pick two stocks each month for long-term investment, based on data analysis, to help you grow your money.
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