New: Stocked AI's Tesla Stock Predictions - 2023 Performance Analysis

Tesla Stock Predictions

Investing in the stock market can be a daunting task, especially when it comes to selecting the right stocks for optimal returns. However, with the emergence of advanced technologies and AI-powered platforms like Stocked AI, investors now have access to valuable insights and predictions. In this blog post, we will explore the performance of Stocked AI’s Tesla stock predictions in 2023, showcasing its potential as a tool for stock selection and highlighting its comparative advantages over traditional investment strategies.

Stocked AI’s TSLA Recommendations and Average Return:

During the year 2023, Stocked AI recommended buying TSLA stock on 19 occasions. When following these recommendations and selling the stock one day later, investors enjoyed an impressive average return of 1.80% per trade. This indicates the potential for profitable short-term trading opportunities identified by Stocked AI’s algorithm.

Win Rate of TSLA Recommendations:

One of the key metrics to evaluate the effectiveness of a stock-picking tool is the win rate, i.e., the percentage of times a recommended stock is sold for a gain. In the case of TSLA predictions by Stocked AI, the win rate stood at an impressive 68.42%. This indicates that a significant portion of TSLA recommendations made by Stocked AI resulted in profitable trades, showcasing the platform’s ability to identify positive market movements.

Total Return Percentage:

By considering all the trades executed based on Stocked AI’s TSLA recommendations in 2023, investors enjoyed a total return percentage of 39.50%. This cumulative return demonstrates the potential profitability of using Stocked AI’s predictions for stock selection and highlights the value it can bring to investors’ portfolios.

Comparative Analysis: Stocked AI vs. S&P 500 Index:

To put Stocked AI’s performance in perspective, let’s compare it to the performance of the widely followed S&P 500 Index. While Stocked AI achieved a remarkable total return percentage of 39.50% from TSLA trades in 2023, investors who held an S&P 500 index throughout the same period would have received a return of 7.91%. This comparison clearly showcases the potential advantages of using Stocked AI’s predictive capabilities to outperform traditional market indices.


Stocked AI presents a promising opportunity for investors seeking an edge in the stock market. The analysis of TSLA predictions in 2023 demonstrates the platform’s ability to identify profitable trading opportunities with an average return of 1.80% per trade and a win rate of 68.42%. Furthermore, the substantial total return percentage of 39.50% highlights the potential long-term profitability of using Stocked AI’s insights.

To leverage Stocked AI’s capabilities and benefit from its predictions, investors are encouraged to visit and subscribe to the platform. By subscribing, individuals gain access to the AI-powered tools necessary to enhance their stock trading strategies.

Stocked AI uses artificial intelligence to pick two stocks each month for long-term investment, based on data analysis, to help you grow their money.

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