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Stocked AI is an investing service that provides you with daily stock recommendations. These recommendations are generated by a machine learning model that uses artificial intelligence to predict the closing price of stocks at the end of the next day, week, and month. By using our product, you can make more informed investment decisions that will help to maximize your returns.

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Investing is Hard

Making informed investment decisions that maximize returns is a challenge. With so much information and data to consider, it can be difficult to make smart choices about which stocks to buy and sell. Our product solves this problem by providing daily stock recommendations generated by an advanced machine learning model, taking the guesswork out of the decision-making process and helping retail investors like you make more informed choices that help them maximize their returns.

By not making use of our state of the art AI you risk:

Stocked AI

With almost no one beating the S&P 500 index consistently, it's essential to make informed investment decisions. Stocked AI can help you achieve that goal.

How it Works

Advanced Machine Learning Model

Stocked AI uses an advanced machine learning model based on LSTM (Long Short-Term Memory) technology to analyze and predict future stock prices. The model utilizes market data from the past five years, to identify patterns and make informed predictions about future price movements.

Stocked Dashboard

The Stocked dashboard provides stock recommendations generated by our advanced machine learning model, offering you a steady stream of investment ideas that are based on reliable data analysis. The recommendations are predicting the price of the stock on the next day, week, or month. By retraining the model for every symbol analyzed, for every time period, every single day we ensure accurate and reliable picks.

Risk Management

Stocked AI utilizes an advanced risk management system that’s based on the Mean Squared Error (MSE) method. This method calculates the difference between the predicted and actual stock prices and provides a measure of how accurate the machine learning model is in its predictions. If the MSE is too high, indicating that the predicted price is significantly different from the actual price, our product will not recommend that stock, as the potential risk may outweigh the potential gain.

Here's What You'll Get

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Stocked offers an intuitive platform for investors, combining real-time (with slight delays) stock data, comprehensive individual stock overviews, and cutting-edge machine learning predictions. Users can seamlessly track their preferred stocks, visualize price histories, receive predictive insights, and stay updated with pertinent news, all in one consolidated space. Moreover, the platform promotes user interaction, allowing for personalized tracking and valuable feedback opportunities

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