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Our summarization and thoughts on various scientific articles about machine learning or AI.

  • Quantitative Trading 101: The Great AI Revolution in Wall Street

    Quantitative trading sits at the unique intersection of advanced mathematics, cutting-edge technology, and traditional finance. As the world continues its digital transition, the realm of Wall Street is no exception, with Artificial Intelligence (AI) playing an increasingly pivotal role. This post seeks to elucidate the intriguing world of quantitative trading, explaining how AI interweaves with… Read More

  • The 4 Roles of Neural Networks in New Investment Strategies

    The financial world has seen a paradigm shift in the tools and methods used to decipher and predict market trends. Enter Neural Networks—a technology that has become a cornerstone of modern investment strategies. But what are neural networks, and why are they increasingly important in finance? Let’s embark on a journey to unpack this technological… Read More

  • How Machine Learning Algorithms Predict Stock Prices

    In the intricate world of finance, predicting stock prices has always been a coveted endeavor. Many have attempted to crack the code using traditional statistical methods, expert judgment, or sheer intuition. With the advent of machine learning (ML), however, the game has changed. The blend of computational power and sophisticated algorithms now offers the promise… Read More

  • Introduction to AI in Financial Markets: Past, Present, Future

    In an era defined by rapid technological advancements, few sectors remain untouched by the wave of innovation. The financial markets, once a bastion of traditionalism, have not only embraced this new world but are at the forefront of its evolution. Central to this transformation is Artificial Intelligence (AI). Let’s embark on a journey to understand… Read More